Having a baby in San Francisco

Recently my wife, tina, gave birth to our baby boy a CPMC (California Pacific Medical Center) in Presidio Heights.  I was amazed by the questions we had once we started contemplating what we needed to do to prepare for this experience.  We got so much advice from friends and family ranging from which hospital Tina must deliver in to simply “move out of the city”.  I hope you find this helpful!

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We Are Having A Baby in San Francisco!

In January of 2012 my wife, Tina, and I found out we were having a baby.  The sheer number of questions this created for us made having a baby in San Francisco a daunting and anxiety filled experience.  This prompted us to begin figuring out the fine details regarding our medical insurance, the search for an OB/GYN, and the decision in which hospital to have our baby.