Nightlife at the Academy of Sciences

Nightlife At The Academy Of Sciences


Every Thursday night the doors are thrown open at the Academy of Sciences in golden Gate Park for what they call Nightlife at the Academy.  Last Thursday Irene Hernandez-Feiks organized a fashion show, and I decided to go bringing a new friend I had met at my wife’s birth class (it would probably be more correct to say “our” birth class).  It was a great show with a huge turnout, and I even got the mandatory picture of Claude the albino alligator.


Claude the Albino Alligator


Every night there are amazing things to do in San Francisco.  It is an easy walk from many nighborhoods adjacent to the part of Golden Gate Park in which the Academy of Sciences sits including the Inner Sunset, Cole Valley, Buena Vista,North Panhandle, Lone Mountain, and the Inner Richmond.

Next thursday night have an exceptional dinner at NOPA and then head over to the Academy of Sciences!