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Mike & Oliver have spent their lives in the Bay Area. Mike grew up in Marin and Oliver grew up in Portola Valley near Stanford University. Both moved to San Francisco in their early twenties and have been here ever since. With almost 30 years of real estate experience between them they pride themselves on knowing the details of the local real estate market. When you are ready to sell your home in San Francisco you can trust Mike & Oliver will have the insight and the work ethic to help you get where you want to be.

Mike Ackerman and Oliver Burgelman have sold over $350 Million of San Francisco real estate. Consistently they sell over 25 homes a year. Let your home be their next and experience why so much of their business is by referral from past clients.

Michael Ackerman: Impeccable ethics, fair negotiations and smooth deals are the hallmark of Mike’s services. Our business is built upon referrals from friends, past clients and those that have touched his life. For him, “Building Trust for Life…” is not just a logo or saying, but a way of living.

Oliver Burgelman: A professional in today’s San Francisco real estate market, he has been interviewed as an expert by CNN, maintains a 5 star rating on both Yelp and Google+, and authors the real estate blog Oliver uses his expertise to keep our clients’ goals at the center of every transaction.

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Mike & Oliver have been business partners for almost 15 years. Real estate is a business where time is of the essence and with a strong partnership nothing falls through the cracks. Clients love knowing they will be fully informed every step of the way, and that Mike & Oliver are always looking for the best solutions to reach their clients’ goals.


Great marketing is imperative. Mike & Oliver know how to present properties in the best light, and to attract the strongest, most able buyers who in turn will offer the most money for your investment.


Here is an outline of what to expect from our winning team:

INITIAL MEETING: Meet at the property, assessing condition, layout, location and possible market improvements.

SECOND MEETING: Present a full analysis of the property’s value along with a property-specific marketing strategy.

REPORTS: Discuss the importance of having pre-sale inspections, and compile mandatory reports such as the 3R Report, Geologics, Tank Inspection, and HOA documents.

PREPARATION: Painting, clearing and cleaning, and suggesting repairs or upgrades that will bring a good return at sale.

STAGING: Staging can be an excellent addition to your marketing strategy, increasing your home’s appeal. We will walk you through all your options.

PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY: A professional photographer photographs all our listings. Our professional marketing materials shine.

PRINT MARKETING MATERIAL: Property statements and brochures created for potential buyers show your property in its best light. We work hard to keep your home top of mind.

DISCLOSURES: Our disclosure documents present the truest picture of the property, so when the sale is done it is truly over. Buyers are more willing to offer the highest prices when they feel they are being treated fairly in the market; thorough disclosures can go a long way toward this end. Objective facts sell houses!

ONLINE MARKETING: Mike & Oliver have worked diligently over the years to be highly visible online for you. This means when they list your property it will be noticed! Your home will be presented through Mike & Oliver’s networks, blogs, and the many places buyers look for San Francisco homes all originating from our tailored marketing message.

AGENT RELATIONSHIPS: Mike & Oliver are trusted in the SF Realtor community. Their excellent reputation helps buyer’s agents feel certain the information received is true and accurate, presenting your property in its best light.

– Clear and concise real estate advice Deep knowledge of the local market
– Leveraging a strong online presence to promote client properties
– Proven marketing strategies Beautiful marketing material
– Excellent relationships within the realtor community
– Building trust for life with every client

Mike Ackerman and Oliver Burgelman have built their business
through a commitment to placing their clients first, diligence, and a
complete knowledge of the San Francisco real estate market.

Your home is your best investment, so whatever your reason to sell, doesn’t it make sense to hire a professional who can help your home outshine the rest and get the very best of what you deserve?

  1. Why are you selling your home in San Francisco?
    I know this seems like a strange question, of course you know why you are selling your property! Still, the process is not always an easy one, and having a good idea of why you are doing it will help you make good choices along the way.
  2. Why use a realtor?
    Unless you have the time and experience to sell your own home, find a Realtor. Find out who is actively helping clients buy and sell property in your neighborhood, and interview them. Your Realtor will be someone you will and should be talking to several times a week, so find one who is knowledgeable, and easy to talk with.
  3. How to figure out the sale price?
    Your realtor should provide you with a Comparative Market Analysis. A “CMA” is a list of all the similar active, pending, and sold properties within a small radius around your home. Sometimes properties from other neighborhoods may be used if your property is very specific, or there are too few comparisons nearby, that the differences caused by neighborhood are minimized. For instance a $1,000,000 home in Noe Valley can be compared to $1,000,000 homes in Eureka Valley, Corona Heights, and even Potrero Hill and Bernal Heights, although finding comparable properties in close proximity to your own is always best.
  4. Trust the numbers!
    What is the CMA and your Realtor telling you? The comparable properties you are seeing in the CMA for your home will be the same ones that the buyer’s agent will show him/her when they are deciding on what price to offer. If the listing price you want can’t be backed up by the comparable properties you may not receive any offers.
  5. Know the competition!
    The San Francisco real estate market can be brutal. Buyers (and sellers too) are typically very well informed, and they take their home search very seriously; they want to get, or at least feel, like they are getting a deal. A property listed for a price that is obviously overpriced will get diminished traffic, and the buyers that do come typically don’t come back even after price reductions. Unless you have gone out with your Realtor and physically seen all the properties that are similar to your home which are currently listed (this can be a great exercise if you are uncertain about what price to list at), you will be less informed than the buyer about the market; the buyer will almost certainly have gone out and seen every property on the market in a particular price range.
  6. Pre-sale inspection?
    Have a pest inspection done for your home. If you were playing poker, this is like being allowed to see two of your opponent’s cards. A pest inspection by a reputable inspector typically costs about $500, and will let you know beforehand what the problems are with your home. If you leave it to the buyer to find these things out for themselves during escrow you can be certain they will ask you to pay. Also, the pest inspection you pay for will be added to the disclosure package, and will provide the buyer with the information they need to feel comfortable enough to submit an offer.
  7. Strategize!
    Create a marketing plan with your Realtor, and an exit strategy if, for whatever reason, the plan doesn’t work. There are two types of properties on the market: good homes at a competitive price, and over priced homes, which don’t sell. A lot of work and know how should go into coming up with the right listing price, yet pricing is an art not a science, and you should have a plan for your property if it is not getting the interest it needs to sell; whether that be to remove the property from the market , or to reduce the listing price.
  8. To stage or not to stage, is that a question?
    Staging a property will help give buyers the best first impression of your property. A nicely updated home should be staged to compete with other similar properties; it’s what creates the buzz that gets buyers to pay “top dollar”. That said, staging is not always the best advice particularly if the home is in need of lots of renovation.
  9. The purchase offer is just paper!
    When accepting an offer understand the buyer’s ability to close the deal. Price alone should not be your only qualification. Lending is very difficult these days, so if the buyer is not properly qualified they may very well fail to close the deal leaving you with a property that may seem damaged to other buyers. Buyers are very sensitive to a property’s Days on Market (DOM). Often it will be the first thing they ask when they walk through the door at an open house. When a property has been on the market for 30 or 40 days they may think it is a lemon no one wants, and since this is probably the biggest purchase of their life it can scare them away.
  10. You gotta love San Francisco!
    You own property in San Francisco, which is one of the best places to own property. This has been borne out during the recession we just lived through. There are listing agents with properties on their books in other cities and towns that can’t seem to find a single buyer. While prices definitely were affected in San Francisco there are always buyers showing up at open houses with a desire to buy. We just have to find the best way to present and market your property!