Kite Boarding at Ocean Beach

My wife and I made our way out to Ocean Beach just south of the Cliff House yesterday, and took this picture of kitesurfers taking advantage of the strong winds.

I love Ocean Beach, it is wonderful to have access to such a beautiful coast line in San Francisco.  The weather is certainly not always sunny and beautiful like it was yesterday, but the availability of outdoor activities always is.  I often go surfing at Ocean Beach just off Sloat Boulevard, and I actually prefer it when it is a bit foggy as long as the wind isn’t ruining the waves.

Owning a home within walking distance to the beach is a great way of life for many people living in San Francisco.  You can often see surfers walking down the street in their wetsuit, surf board in hand, making there way to and from the beach.  A warm shower feels pretty good after spending time in the cold Pacific waters.


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